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Contributing to stroke prevention worldwide – this is our mission. Nine out of ten strokes are avoidable. The main risk factors include undetected cardiac rhythm disorders, primarily atrial fibrillation (AF). Early AF detection and intervention is the focus of Preventicus Managed Care. Superior clinical evidence, certified solutions, proven medical and health-economic outcomes, and compliance with medical guidelines are enshrined in our DNA.

Digital technologies and connected Telecare services enhance classical care approaches

Preventicus is introducing an integrated care management program for the prevention of avoidable cardiovascular diseases. To protect the health of individuals and populations, we have applied digital innovations and services for the complete care path: from large-scale screening, precise diagnostics beyond standard, and continuous cardiac monitoring to adequate treatment.

A single touch initiates the Managed Care Program

Day by day, regular heart rhythm measurements – carried out with just a smartphone or wearable and the Preventicus® Heartbeats App – illustrate the long-term trends. Regular and accurate monitoring is critical in identifying AF. Preventicus’ advanced algorithms follow up anonymized data, detecting irregularities, keeping watch anytime and anywhere over the individual’s and population’s health. Together with national telecare services, we provide personalized feedback and aggregate analyses to initialize the next diagnostic or therapeutic step whenever needed.

Implement coordinated protection for risk groups

Together with cooperating organizations – governmental authorities, health insurers, clinics, cardiac centers, and physicians – we develop a sustainable network of Managed Care. By bringing regional and national disease prevention strategies into practice and to excellence, patients profit from help on time provided by professionals and augmented by digital innovations from Preventicus.