Carenet – our platform for associated cardiologists

Trusted and safe information management is crucial for the handling of medical data. Therefore, we developed Carenet, our online portal for cardiologists who have joined the Preventicus Managed Care Program. Via Carenet, the cardiologist, telemedical services, and the patient are connected. However, only the cardiologist can access medical data – Preventicus and our service providers work with pseudonymized data only.

The data exchange is entirely digital. For example: Telecare compiles a pre-evaluation summary of all events across the 14-day ECG by the time of the follow-up appointment. All artifacts have been removed and all essential elements are compiled in a clear overview (all atrial fibrillation [AF] episodes and the AF burden per day). All ECG events are automatically added to the patient’s dataset in Carenet.

In short: the Carenet platform allows (pseudonymized) handling of medical data, access to the Preventicus 14-day ECG service (Telecare), connection to patients, and reimbursement handling.