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Preventicus Managed Care Program gives better insight into your patients’ health. This all-in-one solution for stroke prevention is easy to implement, ensuring validated and accurate early diagnosis and monitoring of atrial fibrillation (AF). For detailed information on superior clinical evidence, certified solutions, proven medical outcome, and compliance with medical guidelines, please see Evidence.

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The program consists of interlinked steps. The first phase involves a scalable screening towards AF performed in the local population. Citizens aged 55+ measure their heart rhythm using a smartphone camera or wearable with the clinically validated Preventicus® Heartbeats App. In the event of suspicious results, the telecare center validates the data first (to exclude potential artifacts or measurement errors), then refers the patient to you, the associated cardiologist/cardiac center. Here starts the next step, 14 days of telemetric ECG with a multichannel chest wall ECG patch in order to confirm AF and to quantify the burden. Our Telecare Center validates the ECG data over the 14 days and transfers the data and the summary report to you. Based on that, you are able to finalize diagnostics and recommend treatment options to your patient, who remains fully under your control.


Preventicus Managed Care organizes the patient’s journey: from early screening and constant monitoring to a professional diagnosis and subsequent treatment. You as partnering cardiologists/cardiac centers can focus your medical expertise entirely on your patient.

  • Coordinated prevention
    Early detection of AF and harmonized intervention
  • Focus on the patient
    Preventicus organizes the patient journey
  • Extend care coverage
    See how technologies improve quality of prevention
  • Medical-grade devices
    Smartphone and wearable app for 24/7 cardiac rhythm monitoring
  • Augmented medicine
    Smooth implementation. Digital innovation in integrated care models