Our Mission Statement

Our vision is to contribute to “healthy aging” by offering integrated care programs for screening, monitoring, diagnosis, and management of cardiovascular diseases, such as atrial fibrillation (AF).

Our mission is to reinvent the continuum of care by embedding state-of-the-art digital technologies, telemedical services, and IT ecosystems for all involved stakeholders into our programs.

Our solutions enable healthcare systems to significantly reduce their cost burden linked to stroke and chronic and acute cardiovascular events – effectively and cost-efficiently.

Management Board of Preventicus


dfg (Service for Social Policy) Award in the category “Outstanding digital applications in healthcare”
Winner of the dfg / 2019
Smart AF 2018
Winner of H2020 Eurostars
(stroke prevention, together with IKK Südwest, a statutory health insurance in Germany)
Winner of HealthyHub 2018
RedStroke 2018
Winner of H2020 SME Instruments Phase II

Partner for driving the transformation of care

We collaborate with the Global Clinical + Care Coordination Forum (GCCCF), an interdisciplinary teamwork of science, politics, economy, and civil society, driving the technological transformation of care and deployment of innovative solutions.

Trusted clinical partners and advisors in the Horizon 2020 RedStroke Project

Prof. Dr med. Jens Eckstein, Study centre, PI, CRO
University of Basel, Switzerland
Prof. Dr med. Marcus Dörr, Study centre
Greifswald University, Germany
Prof. Dr Ulrich Schotten, Study centre
Maastricht University, the Netherlands
Prof. Dr Larissa Fabritz, Prof. Dr Paulus Kirchhof Study centre
University of Birmingham, UK
Prof. Dariusz Dudek, Study centre
Jagiellonian University, Poland
Prof. Athanasios Manolis, Study centre
University of Athens, Greece
Dr Milica Vukicevic, Study centre
University of Belgrade, Serbia
Supporters: Jon Barrick
Stroke Alliance for Europa
Deutsche Gesellschaft für Kardiologie (German Cardiac Society) / AG Rhythmologie Supporters: Prof. Dr Thomas Deneke
DGK, Germany