Preventicus Nightwatch® for nonstop preventive care

Capturing every pulse

Atrial fibrillation (AF) never sleeps. People do. To provide the day and night screening of the heart rhythm, Preventicus is introducing the wearable application “Preventicus Nightwatch.” Its performance is based on the same algorithm used in our medical-grade Preventicus® Heartbeats App. Preventicus Nightwatch delivers advanced, comfortable 24/7 patient monitoring, which is critical for high-risk groups.

Science-based and technology-driven

Following the European Heart Rhythm Association recommendations, systematic screening for AF in risk populations can also be performed by digital devices, including smartphones and smart watches. Following scientific knowledge, we have created the Preventicus Nightwatch with a built-in PPG* and ACC** sensor for better monitoring capabilities. A tiny light-emitting diode located on the inside of the watch case captures heart rhythm by recording and analyzing pulse data.

Upgraded, continuous monitoring

With Preventicus biosignal-analytic algorithms, the preliminary AF risk assessment is performed in the background of everyday life: at home, on the go, or even at night with Preventicus Nightwatch. So, individuals belonging to a high-risk group will be provided with the Preventicus Nightwatch to enhance their monitoring within our Managed Care Program.

Another important use case is for continuous in- and outpatient monitoring.

* photoplethysmography
** accelerometer