Preventicus Telecare coordinates the patient journey

The hub of care

The single self-performed atrial fibrillation (AF) screening is the essential first step. It means reaching the patient from a risk group with a preventive initiative. Even more important is to turn patient engagement into action. This is a task for our Telecare Center – the link between the patient and the physician.

A controlled sequence of measures

All individual processes in the Managed Care Program, from population screening to final diagnosis, are thoroughly synchronized. Our Telecare Center serves as the guide for the patient and as the assistant for the physician. Here, the medical technicians evaluate the technical accuracy of the measurements so only the patients with irregularities and detected AF episodes are referred to the cardiologist. The Preventicus Telecare Center provides the physician with all relevant information in a comprehensive telecare report.

Encrypted, anonymous, pseudonymized data

Our technical solutions and organizational procedures guarantee exceptional data safety standards. The data transmission between the patient’s device (Preventicus® Heartbeat App, Preventicus Nightwatch®, ECG patch), Telecare Center, insurer, and the cardiologist is encrypted. The medical technicians at our Telecare Center verify the measurements via exclusively anonymous data. They only have access to the patient’s age and sex.

In combination with the latest digital technology, Preventicus telecare services form the basis for a hybrid and integrated care program of exceptional quality.